Hello Again, Class

(Posted on allforums.net, on 8/4/05)


Hello again class,

I have a confession to make. I've baited and set-up the members of these two forums (infidelguy.com and allforums.net) to prove a point. You have been part of a demonstration. I started the thread on infidelguy.com, I don't know for sure who started it here, but that's not important, since I expected it to happen on one on more additional forums. Human activity worldwide has been influenced over the centuries to help prove that your leaders and the Vatican are conspiring together and are the true cause of most of the evil that bedevils Planet Earth. I was not permitted to use money or to take away your free will. My only permitted path was to use human activity and the karma that flows from it to impart targeted knowledge and teach you important lessons, leading to eventual insights and wisdom. I'm proving that your opinions are not infallible, as I asserted early on during this demonstration at Infidelguy.com. Most of humanity has misinterpreted the available data about the nature of this reality and now things are about to go very, very badly if we don't change paths immediately.

Now, sick the debunkers on this written record. Not just scoffers without the ability to prove anything, but people with math skills who can rule out (or prove) coincidence and recognize the pivotal significance of synchronized redundancy. The object here is the truth, not debating skills, political agendas, or self-aggrandizement.

The numeric symbolism you've been scoffing at was recorded in ancient wisdom texts and prophecies over the millennia. It, the symbology, the prophecies, history, and current events purposely point to the Vatican from many, many directions. Why? To prove many things and expose many lies using massively synchronized and redundant symbology to model future human activity over many millennia. These aren’t random numbers, nor random topics, nor am I a random soul. These events are unfolding as promised and as modeled, thousands of years ago. In the interim, the Vatican and its predecessors have been deceiving humanity about many things and striving to make you treat me exactly as you and others have been doing of late. Both religious adherents and religious opponents have been kept from understanding the truth, and the arguments on both sides of this divide spring from ignorance about key facts.

I know this is a hard lesson for some of you. I'm proving that you have been purposely deceived about the true nature of reality by the purposeful confounding of humanity's knowledge and perceptions about this universe. Even in these so-called modern times, religious leaders and adherents are still fighting to assert that blind faith is more valid than science. On the other side of the coin, atheists and others are fighting to prove the Creator doesn't exist though evidence abounds to the contrary. Both sides of this struggle are mostly ignorant about the true nature and contents of the ancient texts (among other things) at the center of these ages-old controversies. As I stated in the preface to my book:

"This leads us directly to the crux question: How do we finally solve these ages-old mysteries when ignorance and deception are the obvious goals of religious leaders? To recast an often-used political adage: It’s [the] symbology, stupid! The only truly reliable way to prove or disprove the claims of all three Faiths of Abraham is to solve the great riddles that persist because the keys to interpreting ancient symbology were lost in antiquity.

That is precisely what I have accomplished and documented in this book. I have verifiably solved many ages-old mysteries by fully reverse-engineering and decrypting the ancient symbology that permeates the canons of all three Faiths of Abraham and other ancient texts. After realizing that I was actually observing an ancient philosophical technology, I treated it like any undocumented computer program and succeeded at reverse engineering, reconstructing, and documenting it. The structure, foundations, rules, purposes, and functionality of ancient North African and Near East wisdom symbology and the long-lost Philosophers’ Stone are verifiably reconstituted and documented throughout this book."

I've now demonstrated things that many would call miracles, magic, or simply scoff at without ever trying to understand what really occurred. I'm sure that all of you have heard the saying that any sufficiently advanced technology will seem like magic, miracles, or supernatural feats to those who don’t understand them. That is precisely what happened here. It is also what has occurred with the Apocalypse and other ancient Hebrew texts over the centuries. I am demonstrating proof of the validity of specific ancient wisdom. As I said on my book cover, I've reverse-engineered an ancient symbology that encodes many things. It is an ages-old philosophical technology also referred to as the Philosopher's Stone. I'm sure you recognize that name. I've now provided proof of its validity using these two forums, my book, ancient Hebrew texts, and world events to produce a verifiable record. Everything has been time-stamped and witnessed by various readers on the Internet.

Why did I need to arrange this type of demonstration? Read the posts on this thread and on the InfidelGuy.com regarding me, and my book. So, here's a little more proof for those still scoffing.

Sure hope you've been paying attention to the news. In an earlier post I promised you'd learn something new. The conversation before that involved hurricanes and the number 11. After that, I moved the conversation to numeric symbolism about the Vatican (666, triangular numbers, 18, 21, 153, 9-11, etc.) I also talked about synchronized redundancy being the key to proving intelligent patterns in the noise. Now I'll tie up some loose ends by closing the loop and synchronizing these two conversations and the events associated with them. At the following URL, is the updated forecast for the Atlantic Hurricane Season. This was released after our hurricane conversations. Notice the key numbers again? 18-21 named storms, 9-11 hurricanes, 5-7 major hurricanes. Notice that these storms start in Africa and impact America? Notice that the peak of the season is still to come? Below is a direct quote from the article. Notice the numbers and the topic? Just another coincidence or is this a redundant and synchronized pattern in the noise?

"This may well be one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons on record, and will be the ninth above-normal Atlantic hurricane season in the last eleven years."



What does "coming with clouds" symbolize? What does "walking upon the waters" symbolize? These are very specific parts of the prophecies that have been recast and misrepresented by Christianity. They directly relate to what is happening here and on the world stage.

How many centuries have been wasted through arguing and killing over religion? During most of the last two millennia, the Vatican and Christianity have been in possession of the Apocalypse and other texts that could have solved these controversies, yet they chose to continue deceiving the world. Now, I show up with the key to end this struggle and people turn on me, the messenger, instead. Is humanity insane?

People are dying everywhere and you now have the key to save them and stop all of this evil. What are you going to do to help your fellow souls? Will you finally turn away from vain and damaging pursuits and do what is right for the sake of others? Do you think you are immune to karma? Notice the projected hurricane season for which the USA is ground zero? Notice what's happening in Yellowstone Park? Notice what's happening in Iraq and elsewhere? Are they all mere coincidences? Do you think the calamities at Pompeii, Sodom and Gomorrah, Atlantis, the Indian Ocean, Bam Iran, Florida, and elsewhere happened by mere coincidence? How much proof do you want? Does the USA think it's beyond the reach of the Creator of the universe? Why am I here now? Need I say much more?